Barbara Chase-Riboud


Sculptor | Novelist | Poet


Between poetry and sculpture:The voice of Barbara Chase-Riboud by Claudine Armand

(in French)

Interview with Barbara Chase-Riboud by Claudine Armand



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Barbara Chase-Riboud
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Her works as a woman of letters and a fine art sculptor have touched tremendous American topics:
Sally Hemings of Monticello,
Joseph Cinque of the Amistad revolt, the 20,000 African colonials buried under present-day Wall Street.

Altogether, her books have sold
over 3 million copies worldwide
and her sculptures are in
the world's great museums.


Barbara Chase-Riboud is a woman of passion -- 'Une Femme Passionee' -- passionate about her art, her people and her times. She is also a thinking artist whose conceptions are in eternal flux. Her conceptions are ever changing and ever innovative.

The French amongst whom she has chosen to live for three
decades would call her an 'artist-savant', an 'artist-thinker' -- exactly and perfectly placed in her times; which is to say that Chase-Riboud ignores none of the preoccupations of her
contemporaries. She imposes on these times her changing
themes and ideas of expression. Her initial sculptures -- massive abstract accomplishments -- were a combination of bronze and textiles which some artists termed 'l'art brut', raw art in all its pristine power.

Barbara Chase-Riboud's life work is revelatory. While her
sculpture does reveal the archetypal power of primordial myth, her poetry possesses the subtle, sensual power of the highly
sophisticated artist that she is. Her work is her own, combining the classicism of the European world with the spiritual, yet
urbane work of the great African masters -- combining in a
vision, scale and œuvre which the French would perceive as
quintessentially American.

Gerald A. Pogach, University of Paris, James van der Zee Award